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Update 01/06/2015:

Yes, appernatly I commsion for free now :P

The only reason I added a commission rate so to strike out the ones who aren't serious about their projects/dreams. I didn't want to come back to inbox filled with requests from ppl who don't know the first thing about games, or gaming for that matter (you'd be surprised :/) I guess I was aiming to high >.>

Ah, who was I kidding? I'll help out just because you ask :P I just wanted you to stop asking every 10 seconds if I was going to charge you even after I've told you a 1k times that I was helping for free (yeah, you know who you are :P)


I would like to announce that I am open for coding commissions.

I haven't seen anyone do this in DA, so I hope I can be the first.

My goal is to help small-time sprite/pixel/model/animator artist to get their ideas and games to life, either partially or fully.

My rates are as based on how many screens the project will have, and on how many days it would take:

Prototype: 400 pts No points. 1 screen. 1 to 7 days.
Alpha: 2000 pts No points. 2 screens. 2 to 4 weeks.
Beta: No points. 3 screens. 1 to 3 months.
Demo or First level: No points. All screens. 5 to 6 months.
Full game: No points. All screens . 1 to ??? days.

I don't do commissions for either betas, Demos/First-Levels or full games. I only work as a partner in these projects.

Now, for my rules:

1- I am a programmer. I only do the coding and handle any software related issues. I expect you (and your team, if you are not alone) to handle the creation/supply of all the content (concept, sprite sheets, backgrounds, tile sheets, music, sound effects, story, dialogue, etc….) and to come up with a minimum amount of design for the game and game play.
2- I collect my payment after the job is done. I will never ask for any type of payment before that seeing that game projects have a higher rate of failing than actual art. So to avoid headaches, I'll take my payment at the end.
3- I keep the project and code in my possession till I received my payment. Till then you only get to see and test the executable (the exe file).
4- In case I can not finish the project (lack of time, life crisis, death(?), etc…), you will receive the uncompleted project and code for free.
5- I get to choose the technology (programming langue, libraries, engines, etc…) to be used to build the game. If you have a certain preference, please say so beforehand.
6- I get owner ship of the code, which means I get to use it for my own personal projects. I'm not talking about the game play or game mechanics code because most likely I won't be copying your ideas. I'm talking about any core coding created by me that involves physics calculation/simulations, graphical lighting and effects, A.I. and path-finding algorithms, content management and serialization/encryption, etc… If I spent weeks developing something new, I think I have the right to claim it.
7- I get to use any of the game content as long as its free and open for the public. Regardless if you own it or found it somewhere else.
8- I will be credited regardless of the type of the project. I have the original work so it's not that hard to prove it :P
9- You are free to downgrade/upgrade the project at any time. The payment will change depending on the new status of the project. Be warned that in case you downgrade your project (let's say from Beta to Alpha) I have the right to remove any code that was developed after the Alpha stage.

Licensing: The majority of the technology I use are usually free/open source. But (in very rare situations) if I have to use anything that requires some form of licensing (either by your request or mine), then we have the following:

1- If the project is either a prototype or alpha, then the license fee payment is the responsibility of the commissioner.
2- If the project is either a Beta, Demo/First-Level or a full project, then I will either pay half or the complete price of the license fee (agreed before the start of the project).

In case the license fee buys you more than one copy/use of the technology/software, the extra copies/uses are the property of the fee payer.

Platform: I currently only work with games compatible with the Windows operating system. I don't do flash or browser games. I also don't do app games (either Android or iOS) because I lack the hardware to fully test the game in these OSs. If you have any suggestions to solve this, please discuss it with me.

WARNING #1: NO TRADEMARKED, COPYRIGHTED OR STOLEN CONTENT. You are permitted to use any illegal content as a place holder just to see how the game will look before you add your own content. But the illegal content will be removed from the final deliverable product. You can also use any content from any other media (characters, stories, music, etc…) as long as it's not trademarked or copyrighted (either make it yourself or take it directly from the source).

WARNING #2: NO PIRETED SOFTWARE. Any content you create using any pirated software (Photoshop, Sai, etc…) will not be used (yes, I can tell :devilish:). Any content made using these are illegal, and so is the game that uses them, which means anyone who is involved in the game project (including little ol-me ;; ) will be considered a violator and a criminal. If you can not offered buying the software then use a free one. There are tons of software out there that are less powerful but can still do the job. PLEASE DON'T TAKE ME WITH YOU TO JAIL :nuu:

That's it for now. For any clarifications please post a comment or send me a note. I'll be glad to answer ^^


Cheers :)
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Update: 04/23/2013

OK everyone. Thank you for your support and patients :)

Our game is up. Please feel free to give it a try:…

Directional buttons: Move
Space: Attack

The goal her is survive as a long as possible and achieve a high score. You don't loss by losing all your health, but only if you run out of time. So aim for the nearest exit/door :P

You get points by clearing a room (300 pts), killing a zombie (100 pts) and saving the Doctor (200 pts).

I know they all have the same looking health/energy bar, but they don't all have the same amount, so be careful. If you need a refill, just pick up the Doctor.

If you run out of energy (either by getting hit or attacking) you lose a few precise seconds before starting from the beginning.

If you are wondering what weapons the characters have, and what effects they do, check this link:
H.O.T.D.  (wip) by Nebelstern

Thank you so much for playing our game ^^ Its in its final Beta phase so please feel free to give your comments, or if you spot any bugs/glitches.

We still have some final content to add (mostly sound FXs and a theme song).

I would love to thank all of great cos-players that shared their work and love for the game ^^

:icone3studios: e3Studios
:icondeceptiveromance: deceptiveromance
:icononoderaritsushinobu: OnoderaRitsuShinobu
:iconyukinaninja: yukinaninja
:iconmiugiko: miugiko
:iconrestlessnocturne: restlessnocturne
:iconzettai-cosplay: Zettai-Cosplay
:iconkannonkosplay: KannonKosplay

Also I would like to thank our musician DeerPresident for his great work. Very impressive for his first time :)

And finally I would love to thank :iconnebelstern: Nebelstern  The other (better) half of the project :)

Please enjoy :)

Cheers ^^

Hello everyone. I bet you were wondering were I was all this time (yeah, I bet :P)

Well, I'm currently in the process of finishing off a 2D pixel game called High School of the DOT, a fan game based on one my all favorite anime shows:  High School of the Dead.

New GameMaker Game: High School of the DOT by Farraj

I made the mistake of not posting anything about it till now. I misjudge the time it would take to finish something of this size. I thought I would have finished this game before you guys have forgotten about me :P

The game is a collaboration between me and my good friend Nebelstern :iconnebelstern:. The guy is amazing. Did the whole art himself ^^ We've also got some really good stuff from other fans of the game. Don't really want to spoil it for yea so you'll have to wait :P

The game was made using good all GameMaker 8.1 Lite. A very amazing programmer. It took care all the ugly details so I can focus on the important stuff. Sure, it does have some shortcomings, but that's where your expertise comes in :P You can't really expect it to handle everything :P

The game is basically a fast pace maze game where you have 30 seconds to exit each level while avoiding randomly spawning blocks and intercepting zombies.

Each level will randomly select one of the 5 characters from the anime: Takashi, Kota, Rei, Saeko and Saya. Each with their own amount of energy and special weapon. Each weapon damages and pushes the zombies in a different way, so you have to think about how to efficiently use them without wasting any valuable time.

The characters' energy levels will not reset, they carry them over when they are selected for a another level. But don't worry, the good Doctor will be there ns every level to fill your energy to the max again. Just don't forget to pick her up :P

This game is by far the most stable game I ever programed. I worked very hard to make sure that code is really sold so no bugs or freezes/crashes will occur. I know, I'm human, but that doesn't mean I can't get one right :P

We are working as fast as possible to release the game in the next few days, so be on standby :P

I hope you all enjoy playing it as much we enjoyed making it ^^

Cheers :)
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GameMaker project: Dragon Blossom 06 by Farraj
GameMaker project: Dragon Blossom 06
lol ^^ This actually looks cooler than I've imagined :P

This is where I don't regret structuring my code :) Adding this took like one line of code. When the character is running and under the water state, it checks all none solid water objects a solid object.

I really thought this would take some time to get it working right :P

Next update: Adding none solid Lava and the collectable fire element. Wow, this will be quick :P

For more information about DB, check my first post:…

Cheers :)

GameMaker project: Dragon Blossom 05 by Farraj
GameMaker project: Dragon Blossom 05
Good day everyone :)

In this update we've added collectable items in DB. All collectables will inherent from a Collect_Base_Object object. Currently the base object doesn't do anything, but I'll add simple particle effects later. For now, the object just disappear when collected.

For testing, I've added one of the element objects (called  Gimmicks in the game, that act as a shield) which is water. Once collected, it sets the character's element state.

Next update: When under the water element state, the character can run on water.

For more information about DB, check my first post:…

Cheers :)

GameMaker project: Dragon Blossom 04 by Farraj
GameMaker project: Dragon Blossom 04

Wow, I really need to keep track of my work -_-

The characters can now swim. You can either run in water or jump in it, and you will change to the swimming state.

I'm using simple controls for swimming: right-left for movement, and jump to swim up. The character naturally sinks down slowly if you don't move. If you swim all the way to the top, you jump out of the water. Swimming to the edge will turn you into a running state. I can change the control scheme (which is most likely going to happen) but I'm using this control scheme to fit the normal state control scheme. The Up and Down buttons are not used in the other states, so it would be easier just to use them in the swimming state too.

Next update: Creating a collectable water element so we can run on water ;)

For more information about DB, check my first post:…

Cheers :)

GameMaker project: Dragon Blossom 03 by Farraj
GameMaker project: Dragon Blossom 03

In this update we created a base object (or in GM term, parent object. God, that is SO wrong -_-) called "NonoSolid" object. This object will represent all objects that player can pass through (depending on the situation).

With the "NonoSolid" object we created the sub object "water", which will represents areas that the character can swim in.

The "water" is designed to work as a group too. So you can have 2+ body of waters side by side with different sizes to fill any terrain shape.

Next update: Getting the character to actually swim in the water, and jump out of it :P

For more information about DB, check my first post:…

Cheers :)
GameMaker project: Dragon Blossom 02. by Farraj
GameMaker project: Dragon Blossom 02.
Wow, I really should update more often :/

Second update of the project DB. We came up with a simple way to layout the solid ground.

First you layout the tiles as background. Then, you add the "SolidGround" object on parts of the tiles you want solid.

The SolidGround object checks the tile under it (if any) creates a sprite from it, then use that sprite as a collision mask to that tile. The object doesn't draw the sprite, just uses it as collision mask.

This way, you don't have to create a separate object for every tile in the game, and its my understanding there will be a larger number of tile sets for the game :P

For more information about DB, check my first post:…

Cheers :)


Farraj Al-Ajmi
Saudi Arabia
My name is Farraj, and I am a programmer.

My experinse covers many fields but my passion will and always be game design and programming.

I don't do art, so I'm always looking for new friends to make games with ^^

Hope we get to work together.

Cheers :)

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